Prophet 5 Rev 2

We are Brokering this instrument for and on behalf of our UK customer.

Came into stock: December 2020.

Restoration Status: A full service by KSR was carried out in December, so this instrument is ready for sale now.

Remarks: We are Brokering this very rare vintage Prophet 5 Rev 2, for and on behalf of our UK client.

This Prophet 5 Rev 2 has been fitted with Kenton MIDI, a JLC Modification to increase the patch storage memory to 120, and the pitch-bend was replaced with a lever.

Our client has only owned the Prophet 5 since 2018, and all the modifications were carried out to the synth before he purchased them, so we don’t have any documentation or history on when these were done, but all the mods work perfectly.

As always, opinions circulate about the good, bad, and differences between the Rev 2 and Rev 3 Prophets but the fact remains that the SSM based Rev 2 simply sounds (a lot) better.  It’s a significantly more rounded and fuller sound (trying to avoid the word fat you’ll notice) and the fabled SSM oscillators and filters work beautifully within this earlier Dave Smith designed synth.

The system architecture does differ quite significantly from the later versions, in particular with the abundant use of the SSM chipset throughout, but that’s the point of the Rev 2 and why it’s the most coveted model of all the Prophet lineage. Reliability is sometimes muted as a reason to avoid them, but regular use and good care is the key to longevity with any vintage analogue hybrid device and we have seen no less or more reliability with the Rev 3 platforms – and we have seen quite a few of both.

What we do know is that this beautiful instrument has been meticulously maintained, and in regular use. KSR commented that this was in very nice condition ‘on the inside,’ which is as important an indicator as the exterior cosmetic condition is. 

This is a fantastic opportunity to buy (arguably) the ‘best Prophet 5 to have,’ and the price has been agreed with our client to keep it as competitive as possible, for a genuine, vintage Rev 2.

Note on Demos, and because…Covid:  The Rev 2 is currently based in Surrey (UK) with our tech, Kent at KSR.  Although there are strict Covid-19 restrictions in place throughout the UK at present, Kent has very kindly offered for anyone who would like to see and demo the synth before buying it, to demo it at his premises.  Kent is able to set up the synth in a place that meets distancing rules, that’s safe for him and the customer, so if you want to check the synth out then that option is open to you. 

Alternately (recommended), Kent can produce short video demo’s to show the working condition of the Synthi A, but this is by request only.  If we get a single request to do this then we will, of course, upload that to the KSR YouTube channel and probably just post it here in the listing, but Kent’s a very busy guy (good techs always are) so he’s not had the time to proactively do this for us and/or this Prophet 5.

Packing & Shipping: We can ship this worldwide, although the packing & shipping cost is not included in the sale price below, and is subject to quotation.  Again, the Covid issues are affecting our packing suppliers, so there may be some short delays in getting materials produced for shipping, although courier companies all seem to be operating normally.  We are happy to discuss your requirements so please email us if you have any questions on the logistics.

Sales Price: £5,990 GBP

Availability: This vintage Prophet 5 Rev 2 is now SOLD – this listed was updated on 12th May 2021.

Note on pictures, again due to Covid: Click on the thumbnail for a higher resolution photo of the actual Rev 2 for sale.  Due to the Covid-19 restrictions, Kent has offered to photograph the P5 at his premises in Surrey, so these photos come straight from him using the best photo equipment he has available. It’s our workaround for the Covid issues/restrictions and we’re very grateful to Kent for helping us all out…but he’s like that.

If you require specific pictures not already featured of the instrument then please contact us so we can request that Kent at KSR can accommodate your request, but there may be a short delay in getting this done for us/you.

Pictures of the actual Prophet 5 Rev 2 for sale are below.