Roland Juno 60 VSE

Custom Roland Juno 60 – Very Special Edition (VSE)

Are you after the perfect Juno 60 – something very special?

We are delighted to announce that we have purchased another Juno 60 which has been custom finished to become one of our VSE Models – colour is white.

The RL Music ‘RESTORATION’ page on this website actually features the project restoration of these special Editions, and we have previously sold 18 Juno 60 VSE.

Came into stock: September 2015

Restoration Status: Customisation/Restoration work now underway.

Remarks: What’s a Juno 60 VSE?  Well, these customised versions have some very nice cosmetic restoration, and a complete operational refurbishment to produce a unique Juno 60.  Here are the highlights:

>Brand new solid Oak cabinets were hand made by Lamond Design.

>Panels are stripped and repainted, (black or white) – to RL Music specifications. The panels were then screen-printed using different graphic colours to complement the background finish.

>We supply & fit a new Minerva MIDI kits.

>KSR final assembly and fitting of MIDI kits PLUS full electronic overhaul and key-bed refurbishment, staining and hand finishing of wood cabinets and then 7 day soak-test.

>Total Custom Project Restoration time takes up to 10 weeks, involves 10 people in 8 different specialist businesses and cost over£1000 on each synth in restoration alone.

As you can see from the pictures, the results are fantastic – these instruments have been prepared to the very highest standard possible. The Minerva MIDI kits provide full SysEx control of the Juno and come pre-loaded with a full compliment of excellent patches.

Due to the amount of time & effort and funds invested into both these special examples they are sold with a full 6 months warranty, and the synth runs on EU voltage (220V).

Price Post-Restoration: £2450 UKP

Availability: This Juno 60 VSE is now SOLD as at 25th September 2015.