muSonics Sonic V

We are Brokering this instrument for and on behalf of our client in the USA

We present a truly stunning condition, and ultra-rare Moog muSonics Sonic V.

We have only ever seen one of these unique vintage instruments before, so to be able to offer a pristine and fully pro-restored example is quite a privilege. This is of course the predecessor to the Moog Sonic 6, which became a portable brief-case style synth.The Sonic V utilises an early 24db diode filter (not transistors like the Minimoog) which has a very musical feel, and although very Moog in charterer, can also deliver more aggressive & interesting tones. The 2 VCO system sounds beautiful and offers considerably more routing possibilities than that of a Minimoog, making it a very flexible synth.

This Sonic V was purchased from it’s original and only owner – a vintage Moog collector based in New York, USA. Interestingly, we have been supplied with a picture of an original ‘muSonics sales brochure’ from the early 70s which covers the Sonic V and Minimoog, so please see that in the images presented below.

This instrument has just gone through a complete professional cosmetic & operational restoration in the USA, so is sold with a full warranty, but below is a summary of the work carried out by a professional vintage synth restorer.

Notes on the Cosmetic Restoration:
The current owner would have liked to have saved the original cabinet, but it was long gone and something like that just can’t be cost effectivley restored since it used veneer and plywood, so a beautiful new solid Walnut cabinet has been made by Wes Taggart of Analogics. The control surfaces are in excellent condition (see pictures), and all the original knobs, switch caps, and slider caps are retained, although due to significant ‘yellowing’ with age, all the keys have been replaced with new ones.

Notes on the Operational Restoration:
The Sonic V has been completely disassembled and gone through a ground-up restoration, to include: all electrolytic capacitors replaced (all boards/rectifier board, power supply), all switches, potentiometers & sliders have been deep cleaned. The key-bed has had a total mechanical overhaul along with the new rubbers & keys being fitted (as mentioned above). Lastly, the synth has been fully calibrated of course. The cost of the restoration work has exceeded £2500 alone!

A very high-quality custom road case has been built for the Sonic V due to it’s unusual shape, and it will provide maximum protection for shipping, although dimensionally it’s a large & heavy instrument.

The Sonic V is based in the USA (runs on 110V), so the cost of shipping, and any applicable import duties are not covered in the advertised sales price below. For a quote to ship it to you the please contact Richard at RL Music directly to discuss your requirements etc.

Guide Price: £8400 GBP.

Availability: This Moog muSonics Sonic V is now SOLD as at 20th December 2014.

Picture of the actual muSonics Sonic V for sale below, so please click on the Thumbnails for higher resolution photos.


muSonics Minimoog

We are Brokering this instrument for and on behalf of our client in the USA

We are very pleased to be able to offer an early muSonics Minimoog (serial #1192) which are highly prized and rare models. These early Minimoog versions differ from the mainstream production versions (post 1973) in that they exclusively used the much fabled ‘RA Moog’ circuitry, metal-etched control panels (with more detailed incremental graphics), Walnut cabinets, squared back panel, clear perspex pitch/mod wheels and no voltage selection like on the later models.

This one is especially rare in that it was made in Trumansburg, NY, rather than Williamsville like most of these. This is Likely because it’s an earlier muSonics and was made while RA Moog was transitioning to Moog muSonics.

The generally accepted wisdom on actual numbers of the muSonics Minimoogs manufactured suggest there were only around 150 or so ever made. There is an informative website dedicated to the Minimoog serial number history and registrations here:

Lords of the Mini

This actual instrument has just gone through a complete professional cosmetic & operational restoration in the USA, so is sold with a full warranty, but below is a summary of the work carried out by a professional vintage synth restorer.

Notes on the Cosmetic Restoration:
The original walnut cabinet and black bottom have been retained, which is really important on such an historic instrument. As such, the Walnut cabinet is over 42 years old, so shows a wonderful aged character, and the professional restoration work has been carried out sympathetically so the original patina remains intact – it’s in beautiful condition as you can see from the pictures below. This muSonics has a new set of knobs (from the original company that supplied them early on), all new keys, a re-anodized back panel, new Switchcraft washers & nuts and all of the external black anodized screws have been replaced. The original lamp style cord has been retained. Part of the paper where the serial number is located is missing, but you can still see the number if you look carefully. Remember, this was before the serial numbers were stamped on these units.

Notes on the Operational Restoration:
The Moog has been completely disassembled and cleaned, all electrolytic capacitors replaced (all boards/rectifier board, power supply), all switches cleaned, all potentiometers have been replaced (except glide and emphasis) with brand new ones, all trim pots replaced, all edge card connectors re-soldered, has a new set of matched precision octave resistors, had an original ‘Moog buffer board’ installed for better tuning (this was done internally so no holes were drilled on this rare piece), replaced heat-sink compound on all transistor pairs, all wiring replaced (very time consuming) with new harness ties (keyboard connectors, mod section, octave switches, external connectors & jacks), replaced noisy headphone amp driver and output transistors, re-soldered PCB solder connections, everything tightened, the keyboard has been completely rebuilt with new stand-offs, new keys, new key bushings, all pivot points on the keyboard re-lubed, the buss-bars burnished, keyboard leveled, and the synth has been fully calibrated. The cost of the restoration work has exceeded £2600 alone!

The MuSonics Mini is based in the USA (runs on 110V), so the cost of shipping, and any applicable import duties are not covered in the advertised sales price below. For a quote to ship it to you the please contact Richard at RL Music directly to discuss your requirements etc.

Guide Price: £8900 GBP.

Availability: This stunning Vintage Moog is now SOLD as at 20th December 2014.

Picture of actual MuSonics Minimoog for sale below, so please click on the Thumbnails for higher resolution photos.


Arp 2600 + 3604P

Status: This item is in stock

Restoration Status: Restoration has been completed and synth is available for sale now!

Remarks: Although these are not rare by some vintage synth standards, finding an Arp 2600 in anything approaching even good condition is a real challenge in 2014. This is why we invest such a lot of time, resources and money into getting them restored to the highest possible level that can be achieved – a FULL cosmetic and operational project restoration!

This Arp 2600 comes with a 3604P keyboard controller, original Arp power cable, keyboard-to-synth cable, and runs EU 220V. The actual version is a 2600P V3.0, manufactured between 1972 to 1974.

Original Arp Filter for this model (un-encapsulated) 4072
VCOs are original (encapsulated) Arp 4027-1
VCA is (encapsulated) 4019

The restoration work we invest into the Arp 2600 is extensive (what we term Total Restoration).  The work includes re-Tolexing the cabinets & lids, stripping the panels to bare metal and having them professionally repainted and screen-printed. We have all the sliders and sockets deep cleaned and the whole synth is electronically restored including the a PSU rebuild/re-cap etc. In addition, we have fitted a brand new 17 inch Acutronics Reverb Tank, and a full set of brand new slider caps.

This RL Music prepared Arp 2600 is over 40 years old, and is in ‘as-new’ condition.  On average we spend around £2800 GBP just in restoration costs for these models (synth & keys), so there is no equivalent in terms of quality offered by any person, or business, in the world. If you have been looking to own the ‘perfect’ Arp 2600 then look no further. These highly pro-restored examples are all sold with a full 6 months warranty.

Price: £8500 GBP.

Availability: This Arp 2600 is now SOLD as at 5th May 2015.

Click on the Thumbnails for higher resolution photos of actual synth for sale.



We are Brokering this outstanding condition instrument for and on behalf of our customer

Came into stock:  In stock & available now!

Servicing Status: Full restoration by KSR has been completed.

Remarks: We are delighted to offer you another rare opportunity to own a vintage (manufactured 1974) EMS VCS3 Mk2.

We have already undertaken and extensive professional restoration on this instrument, so this is available for sale now.

The restoration included:

>Strip-down of every component, panels, cabinet
>Original wood cabinet to be stripped back to bare wood and re-finished by hand.
>Control Panels stripped, re-painted and re-screen printed to ‘as new’ condition.
>Every control component (potentiometers/switches/matrix & pins) stripped, cleaned & lubricated..
>Power-Supply & distribution PCB have been re-capped & calibrated.
>System-wide calibration implemented in line with EMS guidelines.

Inevitably, there were some parts that needed replacement (mostly ageing capacitors), which we worked with EMS in the supply of genuine parts, to keep the authenticity intact. Aside the meticulous cosmetic work, the objective of the restoration it to retain as much of the original integrity of the instrument character, thus the vintage nature/sound of the synth is 100% kept intact. Naturally, the presentation is stunning and offers an excellent investment if you have been looking for a very special example for your own collection.

The VCS3 Mk2 is a ‘collector grade’ instrument. The VCS3 runs on EU 220V and is supplied with the power-cable and a full compliment of Matrix Pins.


EMS VCS3 Mk2 = £9990 GBP.

Availability: This pro-restored EMS VCS3 MK2 is now SOLD as at 2nd January 2015.

Click on the Thumbnails for higher resolution photos.


Yamaha CS80

We are Brokering this Yamaha CS80 for and behalf of a UK customer.

ETR (estimated time from restoration): Minimum 5 weeks from receipt of deposit, depending on restoration option.

Remarks: Here is some information on what we invest into these amazing synthesizers, and what our customers can expect to receive:

All the RL Music CS80s are restored by the world renown CS80 expert Kent Spong of KSR (Kent Spong Restorations) in London. Sound on Sound magazine (SOS) recently and an interview article on him, which you can find here:

Extent of full Cosmetic & Operation Restoration:
All aspects of the CS80 cosmetic and operational integrity are addressed including re-tolexing all the exterior, re-painting and screen printing all control surfaces and considerable electronic overhaul and upgrade. The restoration level that KSR apply to RL Music supplied CS80 is not commercially available to anyone else. If you want some of the technical detail of whats covered then please let us know.

What you can get:

>A pristine and fully operationally restored CS80 which is re-tolexed, and can be converted to run on 220V or 110V depending on the customers requirements.

>MIDI Supplied and Fitted.

>All control surfaces stripped and re-sprayed, and then re-screen printed to factory spec. We work with Customsynth for this highly skilled cosmetic work.

>Wood Surround (in Oak) hand finished by Lamond Design (our appointed specialist cabinet maker). Walnut finish also available.

>Cascade Unison Mod installed.

>An ultra-high standard vintage synthesiser which is cosmetically beautiful, reliable, in tune and can meet the demands of a commercial studio environment.

Previous Customers:
I have for many years sold CS80s world-wide to musicians, bands, composers, studios and synth enthusiasts in general. High profile clients include: Hans Zimmer and Coldplay. All CS80 owners expect the highest quality, and are a discerning buyer, so we work to a level that ensures the instrument is every-day usable for years.

The CS80 would be sold with a 6 month warranty as standard which covers all parts and labour and telephone/Skype technical support. KSR also provide full after-sales technical support for the CS80 by phone, email and Skype (post-warranty). KSR are world renown CS80 experts and currently support hundreds of these models around the world for professional musicians/studios and enthusiasts etc.

Upgrade Option 1:
If Midi is required on the CS80 then we are able to supply and install the Kenton Midi retrofit Kits for an additional £850 GBP. Payment for the Midi Kits must be made in advance along with the deposit mentioned below.

Upgrade Option 2:
Wood Surround (in Oak) hand crafted by Lamond Design for an additional £650 GBP. Walnut finish available upon request.

Upgrade Option 3:
KSR have designed the special modification for the CS80 (The Cascade Unison Mod ) so that if you press a single note then you get all 16 VCOs but if you press 2 notes together then it’s 8 voices per note..then 4 notes its 4 VCO’s per note etc etc. Thus meaning that it’s a kind of polyphonic unison, and offers new creative control of the powerful sound the CS80 delivers. Nearly all CS80′s we have sold in the last few years have had these fitted and it definitely adds great sonic value with no impact on the systems reliability or longevity. The Cascade Unison Mod costs £850 GBP.

Items of Note:
Most CS80′s have lost their ‘Pedals, Music Stand and Legs’ over the years so in most cases we are unable to supply thes orignal accessories to the new owner. The CS80 we are Brokering does not come with any of these items although I can recommend the best keyboard stand to use etc.  The CS80 does come with its original lid which will also be re-Tolexed.

Terms of Deposit & Sale on the CS80:
The CS80 can be reserved on deposit (60%) payable by bank transfer and, once the deposit has cleared, then we can normally have the CS80 ready from KSR in around 8 to 10 weeks. The balance of payment is due once the synth is ready. You are welcome to collect from us in the UK but we can have them custom crated and shipped world-wide.

Why Buy from RL Music:
Most of the restoration work we undertake against any high-end vintage synths these days involves the same amount of effort we describe above, so the prices have to reflect the investment in time, resources and skill made to get them to the highest possible quality and finest condition possible, and we know you will not find better anywhere in the world.

Guide Price Post-Restoration Option A: The price of a fully cosmetically and operationally restored CS80 is £15990 GBP.  This price excludes the upgrade options - 1,2 and 3.

Guide Price Post-Restoration Option B: The price of a fully  operationally only restored CS80 is £14000 GBP.  This price excludes the entire cosmetic restoration work or the upgrade options - 1,2 and 3.

Availability: This CS80 is now SOLD as at 19th November 2014.

Customer supplied pictures of actual CS80 for sale below, so please click on the Thumbnails for higher resolution photos.



We are Brokering this instrument for and on behalf of our customer

Came into stock:  In stock and ready for sale.

Servicing Status: Full restoration by KSR has been completed.

Remarks: A fabulous opportunity to own your EMS Synthi AKS, and this one is excellent all original condition.

The current owner, a music industry professional, has has this Synthi AKS in his collection since 1980 (34 years) and it has been very well looked after. We have checked the serial number on this Synthi AKS with Robin at EMS and can confirm it  was manufactured in July 1973, so an early and sought after model.

These iconic and truly amazing pure analogue music instruments are in great demand by professional users, and prices are being driven up fast on the second-hand market around the world, so now might be a good time to invest in one before they become ‘Vintage Buchla or Moog Modular’ prices.

This EMS Synthi AKS has a full compliment of Matrix pins, power & KS inter-connect cable. In addition, from EMS Ludwig Rehberg jr., the complete ‘SYNTHI EDUCATIONAL HANDBOOK’ (81 p.) with a foreword by Roger Bacon ’The New Atlantis’ from 1624, and (in German) a book ‘SPIEL DEN SYNTHI’ (Play the Synthi) by Ludwig Rehberg jr. published in 1980.

This Synthi AKS operates on EU 220V or US 110V (switchable) – it will be sold with a 3 month warranty.

Unlike most of our Brokered Sales, this Synthi AKS has just ben fully pro-restred by KSR, so is ready for sale now and can be collected or shipped as soon as the sale is concluded. 

Sales Price: £10,500 UK Pounds.

Availability: This Synthi AKS is now SOLD as at 27th November 2014.

Picture below of actual Synthi AKS for sale. Click on the thumbnails for a high resolution photos.



EMS DK2 Keyboard

Remarks: A truly immaculate condition example of the vintage EMS DK2 Analogue Keyboard Controller for the Synthi & VCS3. Manufacturing date for this will be around 1973, so at least 40 years old.

This DK2 has just been subjected to a complete strip-down and rebuild. The restoration work included having the panels stripped, painted and re-screen printed, new tolex applied, complete keyboard mechanism overhaul and the wood case stripped, re-stained and wax finished by hand.

This DK2 is described as ‘collector grade’ cosmetic and operational condition.

The DK2 has two independent channels of CV, these can set to different modes, and the keyboard has its own built in VCO for modulation options, plus as “Dynamic Channel’ output. You would connect the DK2 to the Synthi or VCS3 via the Cinch-Jones keyboard interconnect cable, and additionally, a second 1/4 inch jack cable for more control options via the ‘input channel 2′ on the synth.

The ‘Dynamic Channel’, brings into play the DK2s 37 note velocity-sensitive keyboard. This means the velocity action sends a separate control voltage. This would commonly be used for aptitude control, providing you set the matrix-patch on your Synthi or VCS3 to operate that way. The ‘Dynamic Channel’ can actually be set to control almost any facility on the Synthi or VCS3…which is what these amazing synths are all about really.

If you need it, We are able to supply the Cinch-Jones keyboard interconnect cable to run the DK2 into either a Synthi or VCS3, price upon request.

Sold with a full 3 month warranty.

Price: £1950 GBP.

Availability: This DK2 is now SOLD as at 22nd September 2014.

Pictures below of actual DK2 for sale. Click on the thumbnails for a high resolution photos.



Rhodes Chroma CC+

Restoration Status: This Rhodes Chroma CC+ is nearing completion from restoration at KSR, and should be completed in September 2014.

It could be said that the Rhodes Chroma is an instrument that sits very much ‘on the fence’ of Analogue and Digital tech. The designers of this system in many ways had moments of genius, whilst at other times suffered with complete madness, but somehow the magic came right to offer a truly superb sounding vintage synth.

The key to restoring one of these fabulous instruments is finding a good quality example in the first place, and that’s a real challenge these days. This superb example was brought in from our music-pro customer in France – we are subjecting it to an extensive restorative overhaul, both cosmetically and operationally. KSR, our synth restorers, also fitted a brand new 5 volt PSU to the system thus providing rock solid stability for the CPU and other critical functions of the Chroma system etc.

We have also purchased and (KSR) fitted the amazing CC+ CPU upgrade thus bringing these vintage systems right up to date. This upgrade is not cheap but offers a very high quality upgrade path securing the synths place in a modern studio environment, plus the obvious future resale value being increased significantly.

Please click here to find out all about the CC+ CPU Upgrade

The Chroma is a very well loved and supported vintage model within the synth community. Chris Ryan has an excellent website dedicated to the model which has been a, excellent source of knowledge and support generally:

This Rhodes Chroma is sold with a 3 month warranty and has been converted to operate on EU 220V.

Price: £5690 UK Pounds

Availability: This Rhodes Chroma CC+ is SOLD as at 12th September 2014.

Click on the Thumbnails for higher resolution photos of previously restored Chroma CC+. High-res pictures of the actual synth for sale will be made available post-restoration.


Moog Prodigy

Due into stock: 2nd July 2014

Restoration Status: Just fully restored by KSR in July 2014

ETR (estimated time from restoration): Available for sale now.

Remarks: It’s been a little while since we have had a Prodigy in stock so we are delighted to see this old friend. This is a really super monosynth, full of thick sonic Moogy-ness, a rock-sold star performer and beautifully made.

Our vintage synth restoration experts, KSR, have just fully restored this powerful little Moog so she is 100% perfect in operation, and as you can see form the pictures below, in outstanding cosmetic condition.

This example is a late version with the full compliment of CV/Gate I/O on the rear-panel – Model 3368X / Serial Number 11290X. It operates on EU/UK 220-240V.

Price: £1090 UKP

Availability:  This Moog Prodigy is now SOLD as at 22nd July 2014.

Click on the thumbnails for higher resolution photos of actual Moog Prodigy for sale.


Prophet 600 w/Teensy

We are delighted to offer this immaculate, pro-restored Prophet 600 for sale.

The Prophet 600 was the first commercially available synth to have MIDI as standard from the factory and this later version has 100 patch-memory. The sound is reminiscent of the Prophet 5, being Curtis Chipset based, but features 2 on-board sequencers and an arpeggiator which is really useful & something the P5 lacked.

In recent times there have been some truly excellent upgrade options coming to the market for the P600 and one that we really like is the GliGli-Teensy++. We have supplied and installed the Teensy++ into this P600 and the transformation has to be heard to be believed….it’s simply incredible. In our opinion, this P600 will now easily (sonically) match the Prophet 5, and the filter/resonance is so powerful that it’s now punching in a different synth league altogether.

For more information on what the Teensy++ upgrade now delivers through improved functionality, and enhanced sonic capability (getting a LOT more out of the Curtis Chipset) the please click the link to read the user manual (and install guide) here:

The P600 is a really excellent way to dial into that classic Prophet sound but much more affordable than it’s bigger brothers (P5,P10 & T8 etc). It has that wonderful vintage analogue warmth and can can kick out some powerful/edgy leads and effects…a great all-rounder but with character & vintage appeal.

A good demo here by Thomas Faurby of purely the P600, and although this is a stock sounding synth, still very nice indeed: YouTube Preview Image

Our P600 has only just been fully professionally restored by KSR so is in 100% operational condition.

Cosmetically it’s in excellent condition and clearly has never been gigged. The synth was purchased from a UK owner and is a very nice example & plays beautifully. The only item of note is that the original end-cheeks had been replaced with some horrible MDF items in the synths past, so we had ‘Lamond Design’ manufacture some beautiful solid Oak replacements, which KSR hand stained and wax finished and look beautiful.

This example is sold with a full 3 months warranty and runs on US 110V and EU 220V.

Price: £1390 GBP.

Availability: This Prophet 600 is now SOLD as at 26th June 2014.

Click the thumbnails for higher resolution photos.


Roland CR78

Came into stock: 12th June 2014

Restoration Status: Restoration underway by our RL Music Service Partner – KSR (Kent Spong Restorations).

ETR (estimated time from restoration): July 2014

Remarks: The CR78 has to be one of the most distinctive drum machines ever made, and has been used by used by artist such as: Brian Ferry, Gary Numan, 808 State, Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel, Hall & Oates, Ultravox etc.

This CR78 is actually owned by Kent Spong of KSR himself, so we are helping him find a new owner for his machine. The cosmetic condition is pristine, and although fully working, Kent has decided to overhaul the entire drum machine prior to sale.

Very interestingly, there is a excellent MIDI kit available for the the CR78 from a company called CHD. The MIDI kit provides complete and individual control of all the machines instruments and operational function , as well as being able to program the unit via MIDI. This means you can use a MIDI keyboard rather than the antiquated (and often missing) WS-1 remote box to do the programming. Kent has just fitted one of these CHD MIDI Kits for a customer of his and was extremely impressed with the functionality, and it’s really well priced! Click the link to find out more:

If you wanted MIDI fitting to this CR78 then all you need do is purchase the kit and send it to us and we will fit it for £50.

Guide Price Post-Restoration: £1150 GBP.

Availability: This Roland CR78 is now SOLD as at 19th August 2014.

Library picture below of the last CR78 we sold. High-res pictures of the actual CR78 for sale will be made available post-restoration.


Oberheim Matrix 12

Restoration Status: This Matrix 12 has been fully pro-restored by KSR.

ETR (estimated time from restoration): Ready for sale now (February 2014).

Remarks: We have been fortunate to source another pristine condition Matrix 12 which we are very pleased to present for re-sale.

This example is a USA manufactured model.

Once you’re familiar with the (not all that complicated) interface of the Matrix 12 you have one of the most powerful analogue systems ever made. The M12 was the last of the old Oberheim analogue synth technology, was beautifully designed and a powerhouse of thick analogue goodness that was tragically lost from just about every synth made after, when we all decided that the DX7 was the future!

The restoration work included a full system overhaul, PSU rebuild, calibration/testing and the case and all sockets/switches will been thoroughly cleaned etc. Keyboard assembly deep-cleaned with new bushings fitted and the wood re-finished so she looks and works like new.

This Matrix 12 operates on EU 220V & US 110V.

Guide Price Post-Restoration: £5990 UK Pounds

Availability: This Matrix 12 is now SOLD as at 21st September 2014.

Picture below of actual Matrix 12 for sale. Click on the thumbnails for a high resolution photos.




How about owing this fully pro-restored, guaranteed and genuine Vintage Roland Analogue Polysynth.

This wonderful 6 voice system came from a time when Roland made the best looking synths and had a warm and timeless vintage sound to them. The Juno 6 was many peoples first polysynth and we have had many tell us that they sold theirs years ago and regretted it – well, you can have one again…and a really beautiful example as well.

Although lacking MIDI, this synth has a nostalgic appeal and is perfectly useable to make music today but you have to use your hands and not a remote computer to play it. The digitally controlled/generated oscillator keeps the system in perfect tune, and this model has the exact same sound and programming capability of the Juno 60…without the extra price.

The condition is very good as you can see from the pictures below, and it although shows some signs of age on its paint work in places, but it has just been fully overhauled so rock-solid reliable and a great studio or even live tool.

This example is sold with a full 3 months warranty and runs on UK/EU 220V voltage.

Price: £795 GBP

Availability: This Juno 6 is now SOLD as at 27th June 2014.

Click on the thumbnails for higher resolution photos of actual Juno 6 for sale.


Roland Jupiter 8

Restoration Status: Restoration to startED in July 2014.

ETR (estimated time from restoration): October 2014

Remarks: It’s always a real pleasure to have a Jupiter 8 in stock and we are subjecting this example to our Total Restoration operational & cosmetic overhaul – so that means we’re investing over £2500 GBP in restoration costs alone!

‘Total Restoration’ means all the metal the panels have been stripped and re-sprayed & screen-printed, and the aluminium end-cheeks re-anodised. All the electronics will be completely overhauled, key-bed refurbished and even a brand new new perspex display etc. This is the highest level restoration we can offer for these wonderful synths and the finished machine will look and feel like new.

RL Music has developed this highly specialised service for the Jupiter 8 as professionally prepared instruments of this standard are in such high demand from customers with high expectations of quality. You will not find any other business around the world offering anything close this level of restoration. This is a unique opportunity to own a pristine example – that’s also sold with a 6 month warranty!

This example is a 14 bit version with a Kenton MIDI kit installed.

Guide Price Post-Restoration: Guide price £8500 GBP.

Availability: This ultra-high level restored Jupiter 8 is now SOLD as at 31st October 2014.

Click on the image for higher resolution photo of previous ‘Total Restoration’ JP8 from RL Music.


Prophet 5 Rev 3.3

We are Brokering this instrument for and on behalf of our customer

Came into stock: 10th May 2014

Restoration Status: KSR to service once sold, and prior to shipping to the new owner.

Remarks: We are delighted to offer this good condition Prophet 5 Rev 3.3 that was fully pro-restored in August 2013 but an respected UK synth tech we know well.

These are unique sounding instruments and don’t be fooled in thinking the Prophet 08 is an alternative – it’s really not. There’s a certain punch and warmth that this Curtis chipset based system delivers, and you just have to listen to a-ha, Soft Cell and Genesis etc. to appreciate how influential this synth was to musicians in the 1980s….and still is today.

Did you know that the Prophet 5 can be set up to operate in different temperaments from equal-temprement. The operating system allows you to program microtonal adjustments across the keyboard, and store this in the synth memory locations. This is not something we have tried, but the user manual goes into some depth about how to achieve it.

This particular example has the upgraded memory to hold 120 programs, but does not have the factory MIDI fitted. We are able to supply and fit a Kenton MIDI kit if required although this upgrade cost option is not reflected in the sales price below – please email us for a quote.

The operational condition is excellent, although we will service the synth again prior to handing over to the new owner. The cosmetic condition is good, but there are a couple of blemishes that we have identified in one of high-res pictures below. These blemishes mean the synth cannot be sold as a pristine example, so this is not a collector-grade instrument, but probably more a everyday musicians synth, thats works flawlessly. The Prophet 5 has been priced to reflect it’s overall condition.

As with all Brokered Sales, the synth will be fully serviced post-sale before it’s sent to its new owner. We do this to ensure that the instrument leaves us in perfect operational condition, and it is backed up by our full warranty to give the new owner complete peace of mind. The servicing is carried out as a priority once the the sale has been completed, and although it will delay shipping/delivery by a short time, we know from experience that customers are happy to wait.

This Prophet 5 is sold through RL Music with a 3 month warranty, and can operate on US 110V or EU 220V. Also, a photo copy of the user manual in a binder, and the cassette (copy) of factory preset files are supplied with the synth.

Price Post-Servicing: £3600 GBP.

Availability: This Prophet 5 is now SOLD as at 29th June 2014.

Click on the thumbnails for higher resolution photos of actual synth.



Roland TR808

Came into stock: 3rd April 2014

Servicing Status: KSR undertaking full servicing now so should be ready in April.

Remarks: The demand for high-quality examples of the world most famous drum machine continues to grow, and MIDI fitted units are highly sought after.

We’re very happy to be able to offer this excellent condition TR808, which has been retro-fitted with a Kenton MIDI kit. The cosmetic condition of this example is at the highest level we have seen. Clearly, this drum machine has been very well cared for with home use only in its 30+ year life.

Plenty has been said & written about this iconic instrument, and the recent Roland Aira TR-8 announcement seems to have generated even more interest in the vintage original….which often happens. It sounds great of course and is one of those ‘must have’ instruments if your serious about analogue.

KSR are going though the TR808 now – treating the unit to a complete overhaul to ensure another 30 years of reliable service. All the buttons and switches are original on this unit, and in perfect working order, so if you’ve been looking to treat yourself to a TR808 worth having for keeps, then look no further.

This example is sold with a full 3 months warranty and runs on 220V EU voltage. User manual will be supplied in a PDF.

Price: £2950 GBP.

Availability: This Roland TR808 is currently SOLD as at 6th June 2014.

Picture of actual TR808 for sale below, more high-res pictures coming shortly