Korg MS20

This is for an original Korg MS20 (vintage) from the late 1970s.

With all the interest with the new Korg MS20 Mini it’d easy to get caught up in all the excitement, but the fact remains that the original MS20 is still the ‘real deal’ and a much coveted full sized semi-modular system with true vintage authenticity. The pleasure of owning an original/vintage analogue synthesizer can’t be understated just because a new boy is on the block from Korg, and this new mini-synth has certainly fired up everyone’s imagination, which has to be a good thing for analogue fans.

The other good news is that second hand prices for the ‘vintage Korg MS20’ have seen a reduction in the last year or so, so we were also able to source this really super condition example for a reasonable price.

So now is a good time to get hold of an original MS20, and we have this really beautiful condition example for sale.

The excellent cosmetic condition suggests only ever light home use during it’s life over the last 30+ years. KSR have just fully restored the synth, which is quite a big job on these models and requires the whole synth to be disassembled and rebuilt. There’s a lot done: every potentiometer, knob and jack-socket is deep cleaned, the PSU is re-capped, key-bed overhauled and a system-wide calibration carried out etc.

This particular machine runs 110V, but the synth will be supplied with a brand new step-down transformer if sold within the EU. Also, the MS20 sold with a full 3 month warranty.

Price: £1190 GBP.

Availability: This Korg MS20 is now SOLD as at 10th September 2013

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