Roland Jupiter 8

Came into stock: Oct 2015

Servicing Status: Fully pro-restored and ready for sale.

Remarks: We are offering this highly restored & exquisite condition Roland Jupiter 8 for sale – this comes from the private ‘RL Music Collection.’

We often need to subject these models to extensive operational and cosmetic restoration to bring them up to the highest possible standard, however, this actual JP8 had already gone through this process in late 2015. We purchased & restored this JP8 for our own private collection, but have some new projects to invest into (big vintage Modulars), so are look to raise some funds through the sale of this immaculate example.

We call this ‘Total Restoration’ and the work produces an almost factory new-looking machine as all the metal the panels have been stripped and re-sprayed & screen-printed, and the aluminum end-cheeks re-anodised. All the electronics have been completely overhauled, key-bed refurbished and even a brand new new perspex display etc. This is the highest level restoration we can offer for these wonderful vintage synthesizers. RL Music has developed this highly specialised service for the Jupiter 8 as professionally prepared instruments of this standard are in such high demand from customers with high expectations of quality. You will not find any other business around the world offering anything close this level of operational & cosmetic restoration.

The serial number of this JP8 is 222xxx, which means it’s a 14 bit version. The synth has already been retro-fitted with a new Kenton MIDI kit.

This is a professional/collector grade vintage instrument that’s only ever going to become more sought after and rare, so here is your opportunity to buy and absolutely beautiful all original example that’s got to be a keeper!

Runs on EU 220V, and is supplied with a owners manual (PDF) and factory patches loaded.

Price: £8500 GBP.

Availability: This 14 bit Roland Jupiter 8 is now SOLD as at 23rd March 2016.

Click on the thumbnails for photos of our previous ‘Total Restoration’ Jupiter 8 we sold, so you can see the amazing results & stunning quality of work achieved. We’ll get some high-res pictures of the actual example available shortly.