Sequential Pro-One

We are Brokering this instrument for and on behalf of our customer

Came into stock: Arrived at RL Music in June 2016

Servicing Status: Full service by KSR has already been carried out so the synth is ready for sale & shipping now!

Remarks: RL Music is delighted to present for you this fantastic condition Pro-One from the classic Sequential Circuits family.

The Pro-One is a superb mono-synth, utilising Curtis CEM chip technology like her bigger brother, the Prophet 5. A really great sounding vintage analogue synth and very flexible modulation routing capability and wonderful built in arpeggio & 40 note sequencer.

This Pro-One has come to us from a UK customer who has owned it since the early 1980s, but in recent years it had become unused, so they decided to let it go to someone else who can enjoy using it again. The synth is in fantastic all original condition, and we’re very pleased to be able to offer this wonderful synthesizer as a Brokered sale, and selling it to its new custodian with a 3 month warranty.

The only item of note, for full disclosure, is that one of the 1/4″ plastic jack-sockets on the rear-panel (GATE/CLK IN) is missing some of its housing. The socket works 100%, but this is a cosmetic flaw that needs highlighting to any potential new owner – you can see this socket in the picture below.

Runs on EU 220V, and we will supply a copy of the user manual (on PDF).

Price: £1450 GBP.

Availability: This Pro-One is now SOLD as at 15th August 2016.

Pictures of the actual synth below.

Click on the Thumbnails for higher resolution photos of actual synth for sale.